Virtual Appointments

As an added convenience, Dr. Becky and Dr. Kyle are offering certain appointments virtually! Before your virtual appointment, watch the instructions in the video below and take five photos of your teeth and bite. Make sure you’re in a bright room or are using a flash!

We’ll provide you with an office phone number to text your photos to. You’ll also send some additional information based upon your type of appointment:

Retainer Checks

  • Your name
  • The five photos of your teeth. If you have bonded retainers, make sure they’re visible in the photos.
  • A photo with your retainers in your mouth, teeth slightly apart.
  • A photo of the retainers themselves.

Invisalign Checks

  • Your name.
  • Current aligner number.
  • The five photos of your teeth.
  • One additional photo with your aligners in, teeth slightly apart.

Expander Checks

  • Your name.
  • How many times you’ve turned your expander.
  • The five photos of your teeth.

If you require assistance, please call us at 320-255-1111. We’ll be happy to help!

Get started on a more confident smile today!