Clear & Metal Braces

What’s the most important aspect of successful treatment with braces? The person using them! We’re proud to have two board certified orthodontists who have the education and experience to achieve the results you expect. Dr. Becky and Dr. Kyle want you to love your new smile!

To get great results we use only the highest quality braces available, designed right here in Minnesota by 3M™. (Yes, the same 3M™ that makes Post-it® notes!) 

More Comfortable

Their low profile and rounded edges make them more comfortable than other braces.

Less Noticeable

Clarity™ advanced ceramic brackets naturally blend with the color of your teeth, making your braces less visible.

Superior Adhesion

3M™ APC™ Flash-Free adhesive is a revolution in orthodontic bonding, working better and faster than traditional techniques. Flash-free technology provides a strong, smooth and consistent bond between your brackets and your teeth.

Get started on a more confident smile today!